Questions & Answers



Listed below are some common questions related to hypnosis.  If you have a question that is not listed here please feel free to contact me. 

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Q. Will I know what is going on during the session?
A. Yes you will be able to hear what is being said, you will always know what is going on.

Q. Can the therapist make me act or say something in a way that I do not want to act or say?  I have seen hypnosis used in this way by stage hypnotists.
A. No, most certainly not.  Hypnosis in this context is being used solely for a therapeutic purpose.

Q. Why do some people report that they go very deep into hypnosis while others hardly notice any difference in their state at all?
A. Hypnosis is not a constant state which is the same for everybody.  Peoples experiences will differ.

Q. What if for some reason I want or need to come out of hypnosis before the end of the session?
A. No problem, remember you are in charge of the process; you will be able to come out of hypnosis at your choosing.

Q. Could I get stuck in hypnosis?
A. No, it is not possible to get stuck in hypnosis.  After all, you are neither fully awake nor fully asleep, so in reality it is only short way from the waking state.

Q. What does hypnosis feel like?
A. Again, it will feel different to different people.  People report a very relaxed state in which they are completely at ease.  If you have had a daydream that is often described as the closest to the feeling of hypnosis.

Q. Will I be able to drive after the session?
A. Yes, you will be able to do everything as normal.

Q. If I am given a relaxation CD should I listen to it in the car?
A. No you should never listen to a CD which is designed to help you relax whilst driving or operating any type of machinery.

Q. Is there anyone who should not be hypnotised?
A. No, but some people who suffer from some forms of mental illness may find hypnosis difficult to achieve.  Howerver, this does not mean hypnosis cannot be used, it may simply take a little longer.

Q. How many sessions will it take to resolve a problem?
A. This will depend on the problem. Some problems such as habit reduction / eradication may only take one or two sessions.  A more involved problem will take longer to resolve.

Q. What if I have a question which is not shown here?
A. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.